Get a Headz of the game!

Cyko Headz are collectibles spawned on the Theta blockchain and based on the hit comic, Cyko KO! Fused from hundreds of assets in the Cyko universe, 2,500 Cyko Headz are now loose on the streets of SuperEarth, causing chaos and anarchy wherever they go! No one stops the Headz. No one.

What's a Cyko Headz?

Trouble, that's what! Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and fun throwback toys of the 80s, Cyko Headz were spawned on the Theta Blockchain when SuperEarth's greatest hero, Cyko KO, got smacked with a huge hit of the Dupliverse's cosmic fog, Duplonium. Now cut loose on SuperEarth, the Cyko Headz ride, causing chaos and anarchy in the streets! You lookin' at me?

Owning a Cyko Headz grants immediate access to the exclusive Theta Cyko KO comic, Time to Get Kraken. Look forward to future integrations and content including games, animation, drops, merch & perks.


Use your Headz!

As a Headz Gang member, you can unlock exclusive content like comics, games and more! Just simply connect your Headz and go!
Exclusive Comic!
Cyko KO in: "Time to Get Kraken"

Read the exclusive Cyko KO comic made for Theta!

Beat Blorto

See if you can Beat Blorto to win airdrops and prizes!

The first Thetadrop comic 

In a first ever for ThetaDrop, you can read this brand-new, never-before-seen Cyko KO adventure comic created exclusively for Theta--and your Cyko Headz NFT is the only way to open and read it! If physical copies are your thing, the Cyko Headz Extreme Bundle has an additional NFT that you can redeem for a printed version in a collectible sleeve, signed by me and sent right to your door. I'll also send other cool stuff like a toy capsule with Cyko Headz stickers and a neato bookmark.

The Comic: Cyko KO in: Time to Get Kraken!
Uh oh, someone's cranky! When Cyko KO, Peachy Keen and Meemop are called to the Sea Dweebie's lighthouse to fend off the super hungry Kraken, things get a little out-of-this-world at the hands of the notorious space queen, Cursorella! Can Cyko KO, Peachy Keen and Meemop defeat the Kraken before...*gulp* the Dupliverse crashes into SuperEarth?!!

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons of old, Cyko KO is a fun, all ages adventure for adults and kids alike! 


• Drop March 18, 2022
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• Utility access for exclusive comic (NFT holders, Day One)
• Discord access

• Usage Rights
• Ongoing airdrops to holders / stakers
• Cyko Headz exclusive content (comics, games, puzzles, etc.)
• Community giveaways
• Collabs

• Games and integrations
• CYK TNT-20 staking / token earnings
• Second issue drop
• Animated micro-episodes! 

Note: Roadmap is a living document and ever-evolving! Special thanks to Sheriff Popper for the Rarity Chart and ThetazillaClub for the NFT insight!


Usage Rights

Cyko Headz™ is trademarked by Rob Feldman, but he grants most use rights to holders of the tokens.

As an owner of a generative Cyko Headz™ NFT, here's what you can do with your Cyko Headz art:

• Use the art for your own personal, non-commercial use; examples would be a tattoo or coffee mug.
• Use the art to promote or sell your Cyko Headz NFT on marketplaces and apps that verify your ownership;
• Use the art to create and commercialize your own merchandise, provided that you aren’t earning more than $100,000 in revenue each year from doing so. An example would be creating stickers or tees for sale.

Some things you CANNOT do:

• License the art to any third party;
• Modify the art;
• Use the art to market or sell third-party products;
• Use the art in connection with images of hatred, violence, or other inappropriate behavior;
• Attempt to trademark your art and/or acquire intellectual property rights in it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage rights apply ONLY to your unique generative NFT and DO NOT include any of the original Cyko KO™ designs or characters, which are trademarked and copyright by Rob Feldman.

If you have a desired use that does not fit into any of the above please contact Rob Feldman at or DM through Twitter at @itsfeldman.

Happy Headzing!

Rob Feldman
Creator - Artist

I'm a Ringo-Award nominated comic book creator, animation producer and Theta TV streamer best known for my print and online creations, Cyko KO and Newgrounds series, Dr. Shroud. When I’m not drawing or talking someone’s ear off, I'm exploring the emerging blockchain landscape of digital collectibles, finding exciting new hazy IPAs and attempting to uncover the elusive, yet perfect, one-bite pizza. Watch me on Theta TV!

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I'm a seasoned developer with numerous certifications and experience in development including dozens of apps, Unity, Android, AWS, iOS and more. 

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